Hey there! I wanted to give you a heads up, I'll be on holiday from 9th June until 24th July 2024. I hope you'll be able to plan around this. Thanks for your understanding!

About Me

My name is Lynda and I have been creating fashion jewellery now for about 20 years. It started as a hobby and now I am working full-time.

The skills I've acquired over these years have been developed by attending various jewellery workshops and studying various online tutorials. It has been a journey I have endlessly pursued, and it is not over yet. My biggest fear was running out of ideas, and now my biggest fear is not having enough time to create everything I love. I constantly feel enthusiast about what I do and creating is my biggest passion. I have to admit, that I am a Pinterest addict, and a lot of my inspiration comes from there, and everything I see around me, and the colours, textures and formation of flowers is endlessly fascinating.

I particularly enjoy creating wedding jewellery because it connects with me, it’s personal. The interaction between myself and my customers is special and its always a privilege to share a part of someone’s very special day. A life changing day that has been pulled together with such passion, such perfection from head to toe. It's not an easy feat for most and requires determination, guidance and a lot of patience.